Week 5 – Slapternity

The week the slap happened. I STILL FEEL THE FEEDBACK IN MY RIGHT PALM. 

So one day last week we made this bet, or should I say “slapbet”, Renhao and I. If I managed to not spout a single profanity in the entire day, I would get the opportunity to slap Renhao’s face as hard as humanly possible, as hard as my palm would allow me to, any time of the day the next day. But my fate would be reversed if I did actually say a profanity. THING IS, I didn’t. SO I WON THE REVERED SLAPBET. 

Next day, everybody knew Renhao was going to be slapped, including himself. Just.. not when 🙂 I tortured the living hell out of him. It was awesome. By pretending to slap him even in the slightest of arm actions, he would flinch. IT WAS SO GREAT. But fun and games aside, we all knew that the time of the slap would come sooner or later. 

I did it. Slapped that bitch’s left cheek so hard the sound of the slap echoed as though it were thunder. THUNDERCLAP. PIAK cannot describe it, take out the I and you get PAK. The feedback from the slap remained in my hand for the next 3 hours. It was the best slap. The sound of this slap will echo through slapternity.


Week 4 – Well.. Shit

Week 4 was hectic as heck, no pun intended. Although we had two holidays, well one was BCR, and man was that the worst shit ever. Firstly, none of us (most of us) haven’t completed the portrait of Robert Downey Jr., and when BCR came it was like shit hitting the fan. Our next assignment for Drawing came in. SCARLETT JOHANSON, this chick is one hard bitch to draw. Heck what was she doing with her hands? Getting handcuffed with cuffs and chains and all, posing for a photo. Get your shit together, Scar! 

We slept over at Marcus’ for the night before BCR, and the day of BCR itself was hell, just sitting in front of the computer screen the entire day doing work, mainly drawing. But the previous night itself was worth all the shit we went through. It was fun, we went to have supper at Prata Palace, PALACE. PALACE. A palace of pratas! After supper we went back to his house to just slack, it was a really fulfilling night, though all of us did have a hard time sleeping. Had a little heart to heart chit chat when we were all half asleep, lying around. It was great, but when the dawn had broke and BCR had arrived.. Well.. shit.

Journal #3 – Revelation

SUP BITCHES, so week 3 was a tornado of shit, assignments start to pile up, shit has hit the fan, guys. WE’RE ALL SCREWED. Naw I kid, as long as we don’t procrastinate as much and do our work properly we are on the right track to getting that 4.0 gpa man go T12.

Revelation, this week our class got together more and yeah we might be slow but slow and steady wins the race. Every single person in the class is unique in their own ways, for example lets say Kenneth, that guy is a total tech savvy, and it may make him sound like a nerd at first but I think its really helpful to have someone like him helping out in the technical area and shit. And there’s SyaSya and Farhanah with the mad artistic skills (props to you girls); Jess who can sing really well; Yenny’s dancing fever and all that good stuff. I feel blessed to have these people in the same class as me.

By the way being a vegetarian is tough as hell, heck the food at makanplace is really really bad I need to resort to having subway everyday its getting me sick of bread. On the same line, Yeehwee is also a vegetarian like me so at least I know there’s someone in the class suffering like me, it makes me feel better cause I’m sadistic like that. Food food food food where’d all the food go?

Week 3 was a total hurricane, we were all swept by the momentum of the modules and the schoolwork we had to complete so I’d say it was a very frantic week, but most of all the week can only be summed up with this word: Revelation.


Journal #2 – Drawn in (literally)

Week 2, still feeling fresh and all that shit. IS finally started and it was another new class I’d have to meet every week, its nice meeting new people. This week was short because of the labour day holiday on Thursday, so nothing really happened except for DRAWING.

We got our first assignment for animation, and it was hell, it was a horror, the amount of times we have to draw and the disappointment we get after looking at our crappy choppy animation really just sucks. But that’s the reality of animation and we gotta get used to this bullshit so, BRING IT. Though I say this I am NOT looking forward to animation assignments, the time we invest in it and all is just too much, and other assignments will naturally pile up and shit so.. yeah. Even after all the crap we go through in animation I still enjoy it, in a way. Like, the sense of achievement after you look at your successful animation a minute after you finish drawing the final frame is really ecstatic. So you could say we were drawn in to animation. Puns are awesome. 


Journal #1 – Confusion

SO, in the first week of school a lot of shit happened, new friends, new school, new environment. What happened on the first week of school, I’d say was a clusterf***. Everyone was awkward, but nice. Awknice. We didn’t know each other and lessons were boring, but hey 2nd day BAM new friends. 

I went for the CCA fiesta and I screwed up so bad, I didn’t sign up for any ccas. I was interested in track, futsal, football and lot of other cool stuff but I just forgot to sign up for them. Well that sucks. However I am quite interested in FMSA too so.. we’ll see how things go from here. Maybe this is fate? 😀 

I went to watch Dance4Fun which was really fulfilling ’cause FMS won the damn thing yo WOOOOO. So happy for those guys. They worked so damn hard for this competition, sometimes ending training only late in the night at around 10-11pm, exhausting all their energy for this, its really incredible and amazing. Those guys deserve the first place, kudos to them. 

And so I conclude this week with one emotion: confusion. Is that an emotion? I don’t know, but if I’m going to describe the week with one word, it’ll be confusion.